Through painterly questions of scale, content, colour and form I’m interested in expressing physical and emotional vigour of the human body in the city. I often work with and against the silhouette of the figure in the city.  I capture the ephemeral with assertive gestures inspired by poetry and music.   My process draws attention to the edge of things, to what is already there.  I look to create a visual poetry with energy and motion arrested in space by simultaneously hiding and revealing our world to us and focusing on the void in between the things.
©Stuart Bush, When it is advisable to be wrong,
oil on board 45.7 x 60.1 cm

©Stuart Bush, A section of ourselves as a commodified object,
Oil on aluminium panel 80 cm x 120 cm 

©Stuart Bush, The law of the jungle, 
oil on aluminium panel 38 x 76 cm